A database is a collection of information.

     A to Z Maps

     A to Z The USA

     A to Z World Culture

          A to Z World Culture is the most comprehensive country cultural database on the market today. Featuring in-depth information on 175 countries, A to Z World Culture will give you a level of insight into each country that cannot be found anywhere else. Categories include, but are not limited to: Climate, Culture, Food & Recipes, Language Video Dictionary, Royalty-free Maps, National Symbols, Business Culture, Music, and Education.

     A to Z World Travel 


           This is our card catalog database.


           This is the state database that has several databases within different categories.  The subjects are biographies, business, careers, education, government and military, health & medicine, literature, news and history, STEAM, Student Search K – 6, Student Search K – 12, World Languages which included Rosetta Stone Level 1.


           This is an online database to download books, audio books, and movies.  Our library subscribes to this database which includes




           A website is produced by organizations, the government, schools, businesses, or individuals.  A web address that ends in “.gov,” “.org,” or “.edu” is considered to be a reliable source.  If the address ends in “.com” the consumer needs to check the information for accuracy.  This site can be produced by anyone.  Usually sites that have been established by the government, organizations, or schools do not have advertising, which makes the sites easier to navigate.


Ready Reference Sites

American Fact Finder:

Any Day:

Any Who:

Emily Post’s Etiquette:




Business & Geography Sources

Big Charts

Business Dictionary

U.S. Census bureau Map Collection

USA. gov


Science, Technology, & Health Sources


Health Finder

National Center for Health Statistics

Web MD


Biography, Careers, & News

Biographical Dictionary

Explore Careers

Occupational Outlook Handbook


Government and Legal Sources

Budget notices for Indiana government entities





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